Tragic mystery death of baby Lavender

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A BABY was found dead inside a duvet cover in her cot.

Lavender Sophia Harris died at Wigan Infirmary on the morning of October 6, 2011. She was one.

She had been put to bed the night before in her cot with a duvet cover with all the buttons fastened, and when checked on at 10.30pm by her mum, Natasha Harris, was sleeping peacefully, Bolton Coroner’s Court heard.

At around 8.30am the next day, Mrs Harris found her little girl unconscious inside the duvet cover.

She was taken to Wigan Infirmary where doctors attempted to revive her but was pronounced dead just over an hour later.

Lavender, of Westleigh Lane, Leigh was described as a bright baby but during her short life had been diagnosed with asthma, was lactose intolerant and had experienced a case of sleep apnea.

Pathologist Melanie Newbould at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital who carried out a post-mortem examination, told the court that she could not ascertain a cause of death.

Dr Newbould confirmed to the court it was possible Lavender may have experienced another episode of sleep apnea, or a heart arrhythmia while inside the duvet cover.

Deputy Coroner Alan Walsh said: “It’s a great tragedy that sometimes babies die without being able to find out the cause of death. It is unimaginable to lose your child but I am sure you have very happy memories from her short life.”