Guild knits together for Africa

Members of the Guild busily knitting
Members of the Guild busily knitting
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MEMBERS of a movement for former guides were left with more than 1,000 outfits for newborn babies on their hands when an appeal inspired an army of knitters.

Members of the Trefoil Guild, and their friends have been busy knitting tiny jerseys and beanie hats for underprivileged children in a bid to prevent tiny babies being sent home from hospital wrapped in newspaper.

The ladies aimed to transport the clothing to Africa via popular charities such as International Aid.

Mrs Joan Tetlow, the Chair of Leigh, Atherton and Tyldesley Trefoil Guild was asked by a friend, a volunteer at Leigh Infirmary, if the Guild would be interested in using a pattern to create outfits for the babies in developing countries who were being sent home in newspaper for lack of other materials.

Mrs Tetlow said: “I loved the idea and set to work, and also thought that it was an idea that could appeal to members of the Guild that I attended, little realizing the result.

“The response from members and their friends has been tremendous.

“In March, 150 little sets were taken to our contact at the Infirmary. Our knitters were asked to carry on as more would be collected in September. The response by many more people was so overwhelming that we were told in July that no more items were needed by the original organisers, leaving the Guild with the problem of getting well over 1000 sets of jerseys to needy people.

“The charities we contacted were not able to help until a member of the Guild contacted a friend in Leigh Rotary asking if there was anything they could do. Through Rotary’s contacts with the International Aid Trust the items will be sent to Rumania and the Republic of Moldova.

Since the start of the project, 2,200 outfits have been handmade and passed on for distribution to those in need.

Mrs Tetlow said: “There are so many people out there who will knit and not have any out-source for their knitting.

“There are many way of giving-the generosity of time and skill by all those people who knitted, the readiness to transport the items by the Rotary Club and International Aid to send them where they are needed.

“It has also brought to light how many knitters there are who are so willing to take up their needles in a good cause.

“We are also doing knitting for other projects such as the Samaritan’s Purse and local hospitals.”