Greenfield land in Leigh earmarked for warehouse

Greenfold Way
Greenfold Way
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Plans to build warehouse facilities on four hectares of greenfield land have been submitted to Wigan Council.

The application, a part-full and part-outline hybrid proposal for a site to the south of Greenfold Way in Leigh reveals plans to build a 2,000 sq m warehouse area, using additional land for car parking.

Located adjacent to other warehouse developments, the site is in an area which has been the subject of controversy in the past due to the land’s diverse ecology and proximity to Hope Carr Nature Reserve.

The design and access statement, submitted on behalf of the Property Alliance Group, says: “The proposed development is a positive use of this neglected greenfield site and fully accord with all relevant national and local planning policies.

“The proposal will stimulate economic growth within the surrounding areas and provide increased employment opportunities in the medium to long term whilst also retaining existing employment within the Leigh and wider Wigan area.

“The proposals will regenerate and enhance the existing habitat on site for all existing and potential species of flora and fauna. This will help to improve the general environment of the area and to enhance the recreational, amenity and ecological value of the site.”

So far, no details of the occupier have been revealed, and the planning documents also state that although discussions are at an “advanced stage”, no legal contracts have been signed.

The document also adds: “The site’s development will automatically enhance the look and feel of the area and also eradicate the redundant use.

“This will reverse the 'broken window theory', ie the premise that redundant areas and poor monitoring entice crime. The proposed development is of a high design quality which in turn will contribute towards the area’s appeal as a thriving employment area and will hopefully limit opportunities for crime.

“Accordingly, this will reduce time and resources of Greater Manchester Police having to respond to incidents in this area.

“A thorough design consideration has been given to crime and security, and the proposal clearly responds to the risks, using best practice principles and guidance.”

The Property Alliance Group, who currently owns the land, has come under fire in the past for trying to sell off 15 hectares of land in the same area for a waste recycling plant, which caused an outcry among residents.

According to the group, the site contains “poor quality” grassland and “disturbed soil without any amenity value”.

The documents can be viewed at the town hall planning portal using reference number A/17/84395/MAJOR.