Greater Manchester Mayor to hold Q&A session at Wigan venue

Andy Burnham
Andy Burnham
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Wiganers will get their first chance to grill the Mayor of Greater Manchester on the region’s hottest topics at a public question time event.

Former Leigh MP Andy Burnham is visiting The Old Courts as part of his monthly sessions around the region meeting the public and responding to their concerns.

Since becoming the elected first citizen of Greater Manchester Mr Burnham has been travelling to a different borough each month and now it is Wigan’s turn.

At previous events the public has asked probing questions on issues including the controversial Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, homelessness and zero-hours contracts.

During his election campaign Mr Burnham pledged to travel to each of Greater Manchester’s 10 local authorities on a regular basis, hearing about things which are particularly worrying residents in their local area and across the region as a


The events are also an opportunity for Mr Burnham to update people on what he is doing to tackle some of the biggest hurdles Greater Manchester faces.

He described it as a vital part of the role of elected mayor, describing it as a chance for the public to directly scrutinise his decisions and hold a top politician to


The question session at the Crawford Street arts hub, located in the borough’s old courthouse, is being chaired by Wigan Observer editor Janet Wilson.

Questions on almost any topic are permissible, though issues within his remit are likely to be prioritised by the event organisers.

Policing, the fire service, transport, investments, long-term public policy planning, development and housing are all subjects which could very well end up on the agenda.

Greater Manchester Mayor will take questions from the public at The Old Courts on Tuesday, February 27.

The free event begins at 7.30pm, with doors opening for tea and coffee at 7pm and everyone being requested to take their seats at 7.20pm.

For those who cannot make it the event will also be streamed live through social media.

To reserve a place at the event and submit a question, visit