Gran helps avert fire tragedy

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A GRAN who helped rescue her family from a terrifying Wigan house blaze has told of the moment she heard her daughter screaming for help.

Trena Porter, who lives on a street overlooking her daughter Amy’s house, smashed the front window as flames and smoke threatened to engulf the property.

Trena Porter - mum of the owner of the house that caught fire in Elm Avenue, pictured in front of the gutted property

Trena Porter - mum of the owner of the house that caught fire in Elm Avenue, pictured in front of the gutted property

The heroic grandmother was helped by a postman and neighbours who used a ladder to rescue three-year-old Callum and two-year-old Lacie from a bedroom window. The three were treated for smoke inhalation and Amy, 20, suffered minor burns, but the family were otherwise unharmed.

Trena, whose house is less than 100 yards away from Elm Avenue in Golborne, told the Wigan Evening Post: “I had my window open and I was in the bathroom and I just heard her (Amy) screaming for help. I heard her shouting ‘mum, mum, come and help me, someone help me.’

“We’re normally shouting back and forth to each other and I said ‘Amy, are you alright?’ and she said ‘no, the house is on fire and the kids are in.’”

Quick-thinking Trena, 40, alerted partner Isaac to the fire, who immediately called the emergency services, and the pair rushed round to her daughter’s address.

She added: “They’ve got a ladder and got the kids out and I’ve smashed the front window through. I could see the flames in the front room.”

Amy and her children have lived in the property for about three years, Trena added. Her daughter’s partner Ryan had already left for work before the ordeal started at just before 9am on Thursday.

Cheryl Mitchell, 31, who lives on nearby Sycamore Avenue, said: “There are a lot of brave people here who deserve recognition for what they have done.

“Nobody is seriously hurt and that’s the main thing. Community spirit has saved the day here. Not everyone would have acted like these neighbours have done.”

One brave neighbour – who asked not to identified – suffered lacerations to his leg from helping to smash the doors and windows of the end terrace house.

Fire officers said the house had been fitted with smoke alarms but they were not working at the time of the blaze.

Wigan borough fire manager Steve Sheridan said an investigation was under way.

He added: “The house is on a cul-de-sac and all the neighbours can see each other’s homes.

“The postman shouldered the door in and another neighbour has gone round the back and smashed the back door in. They’ve all done a fantastic job to rescue this family.

“Firefighters were able to quickly extinguished the fire which involved a settee in the living room of the house.”