Girl, 10, chased by man in black

Shauna Greensmith, aged nine, is pictured with her mum Michelle Beckinsale and Nana Sandra Bamford
Shauna Greensmith, aged nine, is pictured with her mum Michelle Beckinsale and Nana Sandra Bamford

A GRANDMOTHER is warning parents to be careful about letting their children out to play after a young girl was chased by a man dressed in black on a main road.

Shauna Greensmith, 10, was riding her bike along Wigan Road, Leigh, when she realised someone was behind her and turned round to see a man running towards her, who promptly started chasing her as she pedalled faster to get away.

Shauna had been in the company of her sister and some of her friends, but had become separated from them as she was riding faster than they were walking.

Shauna’s bid to escape the man caused her to lose her balance and fall off her bike, and her scream brought her sister and friends running around the corner, causing the pursuer to flee across the Marsh playing fields.

Her terrifying ordeal has concerning echoes of another incident in which 14-year-old Dillon Tarbuck was chased across the playing fields late at night, and Shauna’s grandma Sandra Bamford says she is worried for the safety of other children playing or walking in the popular spot, and called on Greater Manchester Police to act.

Sandra, of Hulme Road, said: “Shauna was absolutely petrified the day after. She didn’t want to go outside or play with her friends, she just wanted to stay indoors.

“When they got back I got straight in the car and went down to the area to have a look around, but I couldn’t see anyone milling about.

“I reported it to the local PCSOs and they said they would take it further and step up the patrols in the area.

“Now if they go out I tell them to make sure they stay together. It’s quite worrying and parents need to be more vigilant and keep an eye out.

“With it being around the marshes it’s so easy for this man to just run across and hide over there.”

Anyone with details of further incidents of this nature or who has any information on the identity of the black-clad prowler is asked to contact police on 101 or the freephone Crimestoppers line 0800 555111.