Forget a DIY tattoo

Paul Hill with friend Carly
Paul Hill with friend Carly

‘THINK before you ink’ is the new slogan urging Leythers not to get tattoos they will later regret.

One in three people regret having a tattoo according to a new report issued by the British Association of Dermatologists.

Paul Hill, 49, of Leigh Road, Leigh, counts himself as one who should have thought twice before the needle touched his skin.

As an avid Liverpool FC fan, Paul decided to have a club badge design on his arm.

“I did it myself when I was a teenager, it looks really tacky and the design is just terrible. I find it embarrassing, I would try to hide it so people wouldn’t see,” he said.

As a part-time worker in a nursery, Paul found it particularly embarrassing at work.

“I would advise people to really consider whether they want one and to never get one on your lower arms or neck. Get one where it is easily covered up.”

Paul is now having treatment to remove the tattoo from his left arm and is one of many across the borough having their ink removed.

Geraldine Walters, 49, who runs a skincare business on Bryn Street in Ashton, says that people should consider how their bodies are going to change.

“A lot of our tattoo removals are for clients who have had them done when they were younger but their skin and body changes and the designs look worse,” she said.

Tattooist Lady Kaz Wilson, 50, who runs the Diamond tattoo parlour in Higher Ince, said she was not surprised by the high number of people regretting their tattoos but blamed it on do-it-yourself designs.

She said: “I’ve never had to cover up a well done tattoo. It’s people who get a kit off the internet and do it themselves who have regrets. I know people who say their mate can do it for a tenner but they don’t know the health risks of using cheap ink.”