Flu jab vaccine warning

News story
News story

PUBLIC health chiefs are urging parents to get their children vaccinated against the flu before the cold weather sets in.

Surgeries will begin the flu clinics from the first week in October.

A spokesperson for PHE said: “Last year the vaccine was offered to primary year six children across the UK.

“During autumn 2014 we will introduce the second phase of this vaccination campaign. All pre-school children aged two years and over on September 1 2014 and those in primaries one to seven will be offered the flu vaccine as part of the seasonal flu programme.

“Nearly all children will receive the vaccine via a quick and painless nasal spray. The nasal vaccine has been shown to provide even greater protection for children than the flu injection. There are a few children who cannot receive the nasal spray and they will be offered the injection instead.”

Visit www.nhs.uk for more information.