Flats evacuated following building collapse

Car damaged by collapsing building in Wilkinson Street, Leigh
Car damaged by collapsing building in Wilkinson Street, Leigh

A block of flats has been evacuated after part of the building collapsed during last night’s high winds.

Emergency crews were called to Alexandra Apartments, on Wilkinson Street, Leigh, when part of the roof of the two-storey building collapsed

All residents from the 14 apartments were evacuated, and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said nobody was injured. A building inspector working at the scene has found that half the building is unsafe for residents to return to.

A police cordon is currently in place on Wilkinson Street and the road will remain closed until further notice.

A fire service spokesperson said: “We were called to Alexandra Apartments at 7.45pm when part of the roof of a two-storey apartment block collapsed.

“Nobody was injured and everybody who was inside the building got out.

“One fire engine attended to ensure the building was safe until a dangerous buildings inspector arrived.”

Kieran Love, who lives in one of the affected flats, described the terrifying moment part of the roof came down.

Kieran, 22, said: “The football match was just about to come on when I heard a bang. I came out of the flat and saw the stones and bits of brick falling through the window.

“Then there was a bigger bang outside and my girlfriend went into the flat to look out and saw what had happened. Everyone then just got out of the building.

“If you could go to my flat you would se the bricks and stones outside my door.

“I saw the owner of the destroyed car arrive, he took it quite well, actually. He didn’t cry, anyway.

“People at the other end of the building have been able to stay but we’re right next to it. We’ve got places to stay but it looks like I will be homeless for my birthday.”

Meanwhile, a clean-up operation was taking place after part of the gable end of a house fell into a utility room on Petticoat Lane, in Ince.