Five years of agony with ankle dislocation

Sylvia Taylor's dislocated ankle
Sylvia Taylor's dislocated ankle
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A WOMAN who was left in agony for nearly five years after medics failed to diagnose a dislocated ankle has called in the Ombudsman.

Sylvia Taylor slipped on ice while walking her dog in December 2008.

The 50-year-old has had to temporarily give up work at a Fire Service-based charity in Merseyside due to the pain.

She said: “I can’t work or do general day-to-day things. After it happened I managed to walk home and so I considered the joint may not be broken.

“However over the next few weeks I experienced pain in my right shin and ankle, and went to see my GP. He said I did not need an X-Ray and told me to take painkillers.” Sylvia changed practices and had an X-ray, blood tests and physio but it was only when she changed from Wigan and Leigh Hospitals to Warrington and Halton NHS Trust that the severity of the injury was discovered.

Sylvia said: “It has affected my whole life. My kidney function has reduced and my weight has crept up.”