Firefighters’ warning after grill fire

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News story
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FIREFIGHTERS are warning residents to be careful if using grill pans after a night out following a kitchen fire.

Crews were called to an address on Lynton Road in Tyldesley at around 2am on Sunday.

They found a grill pan had been left unattended and caught fire, with the rest of the detached house heavily smoke-logged.

Fortunately the occupiers were alerted to the blaze by the property’s smoke alarms and managed to get out safely before the crew arrived.

Firefighters tackled the small fire before opening all the windows to disperse the smoke. Fire damage was confined to the area around the grill pan.

The fire service is now warning people to think twice before using grill pans late at night.

Firefighter Gary Massingham from Atherton fire station said: “We would like to reiterate that people should be cautious if they’ve had a night out or been for a drink and want to fix themselves something to eat when they come home.

“This was not a major incident but people should be careful and never leave grill pans on unattended.”