Fire fighters come to aid of pensioner after fall

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News story
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QUICK-THINKING Atherton fire fighters rescued a pensioner who fell in the street while delivering his Christmas cards.

The crew from Green Watch were returning to the fire station in Gloucester Street after attending an incident when they spotted the man on the floor outside a supermarket on Tyldesley Old Road earlier today.

The 90-year-old man had been out to post his Christmas cards when he fell and it’s thought he had been on the ground for some time when the fire fighters pulled over to assist him.

Fire fighters made a temporary tent structure around him to keep out the cold while paramedics raced to the scheme.

Watch Manager Ian Gardner, from Green Watch Atherton, said: “He was crossing the road and had tripped and fallen – he was conscious but was in a lot of pain.

“One of the trauma technicians on the watch gave first-aid and one of the fire ters had the idea to make a little shelter out of the salvage sheets on the fire engine to protect him.

“The man was concerned because nobody could contact his family so we found his keys and went to his house, which was only a few hundred yards away, and got a number for his daughter so we could phone her.

“It began to rain heavily but we were able to keep him dry with the shelter we’d made.”

The man was taken to hospital by ambulance suffering from a suspected leg injury.