Fire crew’s warning after bin fire

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News story
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SUSPECTED arsonists set two wheelie bins on fire in the alleyway behind a row of terraced houses.

Fire crews were called to Ellesmere Street in Tyldesley at around 1.30am on Sunday.

They found the bins, which were located against the back wall of an outhouse, alight and used a hose reel to tackle the flames.

There was also heat damage to the outhouse’s guttering but this did not spread to the terraced house itself.

Firefighters from Leigh station who attended say they suspect the fire was started deliberately and are also warning residents not to leave bins out except when rubbish is being collected.

Watch manager David Holden said: “When we got there the heat from the fire had spread to the outhouse but thankfully it wasn’t linked to the house.

“We had concerns the fire may have spread into the outhouse but luckily it had a window we could see into, and we also used a thermo-imaging camera to survey the scene.

“When residents are putting their bins out to be emptied they should leave them out as little time as possible. Bins should not be left out overnight.

“When bins are set on fire they create quite a serious blaze which can spread to anything combustible nearby.”

The house appeared to be empty as there were no lights on and no response when the crew knocked on the door.

The incident has now been passed on to Greater Manchester Police (GMP).