Fire at mental health unit

Leigh Infirmary
Leigh Infirmary
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FIRE crews were called to a mental health facility after a patient set fire to some bedding and books in his room.

Firefighters attended the Lakeside Unit at Leigh Infirmary at around 10.45pm on Tuesday.

They found staff had managed to put out the fire in a communal sleeping area on the first floor of the building.

The crew gathered all the burnt materials and took them out of the building to ensure the flames were fully out before using a fan to clear the smoke-logged room.

Crew manager Kane Partington from Leigh fire station said: “The damage wasn’t too bad, it was just a section of flooring which was burnt through.

“We just made sure the fire was fully out and then vented all the rooms on that floor.”

The incident lasted around 40 minutes.