Fight to get NHS Bill dropped

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TWO MPs teamed up to hand in a petition calling on the Government to ‘Drop The Bill’ to the Department for Health.

Leigh MP Andy Burnham and Bolton West MP Julie Hilling delivered the petition bearing hundreds of signatures from constituents across the borough concerned at the controversial NHS health reforms.

Under the proposals, the NHS would be open to increasing levels of privatisation and competition, and has sparked protests and rallies opposing the legislation.

Mr Burnham said: “The Bill will end the NHS as we have known it and there has been huge concern among a lot of people locally about it.

“We have made sure the Government has heard the voice of local people, and will hold them to account for any damage caused to our National Health Service.”

Ms Hilling said: “This will take us back to the days when the only way to get treatment was to pay to see the consultant. The Bill should be stopped.”