Fight against cuts goes to the streets

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CAMPAIGNERS against public sector cuts have staged a street protest in Leigh.

Scores of people demonstrated outside Connexions, in Bradshawgate, Leigh, on Saturday to highlight the impact of spending cuts.

Organisers are hoping that the action and follow-up meeting at Leigh Labour Club on Friday, February 18 at 7.30pm will raise public awareness concerning cuts and boost support for the fight to defend public services.

Saturday’s street protest focused on the effects of the Government’s cutbacks on the local Connexions services, which provides career advice to local young people, in addition to the potential closure of local libraries, hospitals, and job centres.

It will point out the effect of cuts in housing and transport subsidies which campaigners believe will lead to the social exclusion and isolation of already disadvantaged communities.

A spokesman for campaign group People Against Cuts group said: “Ordinary folk can either sit back and do nothing about these massive attacks on our public services, the welfare state, and on our jobs and living standards, or they can mount a fight back and stop it.

“This Government does not have a mandate for what is doing. People need to come together and fight the plans.”