Fancy splat!

SPLAT Fest at Leigh Sports Village:  Long jump
SPLAT Fest at Leigh Sports Village: Long jump

THIS year’s annual Wigan Splat Fest took place at Leigh Sports Village where more than 500 youngsters had a fun time.

The nine to 11-year-olds took part in a host of events including athletics, tag rugby, football and volleyball at Leigh Sports Village.

Watched and supported by some of the borough’s most talented athletes, children were encouraged to work as a team with the focus of the event about encouraging participation rather than winning.

Splat, which stands for Sport, Participation, Leadership, Achievement and Teamwork, is a programme run in the borough’s schools by Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust’s Sports Development Unit.

Throughout the year pupils take part in various tasks and activities allowing them to gain rewards and points to receive free stickers, badges and t-shirts all culminating in the inter-schools Splat Festival.

Jane Bent, from WLCT’s Sports Development Unit, said: “Splat encourages youngsters to take part in physical activity with the emphasis very firmly on teamwork, leadership skills and, most importantly, enjoying PE lessons rather than on being the best at sports.”

Local athletes from track and field were on hand to inspire and offer top tips to the youngsters.

James Taylor, 17, who won a silver medal in the 4x100m at last year’s European Youth Olympic Games, said: “Making something fun always encourages people to get involved.”