Family nurse is hailed hero for aiding young mum

Alex pictured with daughter Rose, family nurse Lisa and Chief Executive of Bridgewater Colin Scales
Alex pictured with daughter Rose, family nurse Lisa and Chief Executive of Bridgewater Colin Scales
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A YOUNG mum who fell pregnant before she turned 17 has credited a local family nurse with helping turn her life around.

Alex Rose from Leigh nominated Lisa Forshaw for an award and saw her named Employee of the Month by Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (Bridgewater).

Lisa works within Bridgewater’s Family Nurse Partnership - a programme for first-time mothers under the age of 20.

It offers intensive and structured home visiting (weekly to fortnightly) from early pregnancy until the child is two.

It aims to improve pregnancy outcomes, child health and development and promote parents to be economically self-sufficient.

Lisa first met Alex when she was just 12 weeks’ pregnant. having opted to get involved with the acclaimed Family Nurse Partnership programme.

Alex said: “When I found out I was pregnant I was shocked and didn’t know what to expect. “I was shy and scared, I wasn’t working or at college as I had quit my travel and tourism course.

“During my pregnancy I didn’t feel good enough for my daughter and began to realise that she deserved better.

“I spoke to Lisa about how I felt about my life and she supported me to make positive decisions.

“It was really good to have someone impartial to support me and who didn’t judge me.

“She helped me to apply for college and to get Care to Learn funding for nursery fees so I could study Health and Social Care.

“It was hard to go to college with a six month-old but I had the support of my friends, family and boyfriend.”

Ruby Mae is now two years old and Alex has secured a rewarding job as a support worker for Hexagon Care.

In the next few years she hopes to be able to take up the offer of a place at university in order to study paediatric nursing.

Alex added: “I couldn’t have done this without my family nurse Lisa.

“I am proud of who I am and of my parenting skills. I have a very rewarding and challenging job, live on my own with my beautiful, healthy and clever two year old and support us both.

“I am really grateful for what Lisa has done for Ruby and me.”

Lisa said: “We try and get involved as early as possible so we can provide support throughout the pregnancy and build relationships with the parents-to-be.

“We are in a really privileged position to see them go on to become parents of healthy and happy children whilst also achieving their own goals in life, which is a credit to them. Alex and Ruby are perfect examples of that.”

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