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Citroen C4
Citroen C4
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The Citroen Grand C4 Picasso offers sharp styling that does a good job and feels several notches above the class average.

The truth about buying large MPVs? It’s usually an exercise in sacrifice. To seat seven people brings a whole load of compromises to the driving experience. You normally end up with something that handles poorly, likes a drop of fuel, is difficult to park and while proudly advertising your fecundity, is usually about as stylish as a pair of grey plastic slip-ons. Citroen maintains that doesn’t always need to be the case and in the rather slinky shape of its last Grand C4 Picasso it offered a seven seater that looked the part and drove reasonably well to boot.

It’s worth remembering that size counts for a lot here, as there are seven-seaters and seven-seaters. Some are genuinely huge. Then there are the more compact models, of which this Citroen is an example. The issue with some of these cars has traditionally been that when you’ve seated seven, there’s no room left for any luggage. Thankfully, the latest generation of Grand C4 Picasso gets a bit clever on that score too.

The genius in this car is that it’s the same length as the old model but packs in over 69-litres more useable load space. This means that parking it isn’t a hideous chore and all that glass means that manoeuvring it isn’t a nightmare.

The interior of the Grand C4 Picasso is at its best when the panoramic windscreen combines with the optional glass roof. At night, white LED lighting (on various places including the ceiling)further enhances the ambience.