Extra day off a ‘small token’ for employees

Lord Peter Smith with Donna Hall
Lord Peter Smith with Donna Hall
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‘TIS the season to be jolly over at Wigan Town Hall as council staff have been handed a bonus day off for their efforts in 2015.

All employees have been given a favourable end-of-year report card and were informed of their stocking filler before clocking off for Christmas last week.

Chief executive Donna Hall said her staff lost several days leave as part of a shake-up in recent years and therefore the extra day was a “small token”.

The bonus comes as the council was named as one of the best non-for-profit organisations to work for in the UK.

This end to the year stands in stark contrast to six months earlier when the town hall was having to fend off criticism following the airing of ITV documentary Don’t Blame the Council.

In a town hall statement, Ms Hall said: “Numbers of Wigan Council staff have reduced significantly due to Government funding cuts of over £100 million; staff have saved us over £12 million this year alone. Staff lost five days leave as part of a job evaluation a couple of years ago and we felt giving them one extra day next year was a small token of thanks for their hard work and dedication.”

Reacting to being named in the Best Companies list, leader Lord Smith said their staff deal sets out what is expected of employees.

He added: “It helps to empower, motivate and engage staff who are given the opportunity to volunteer in their local community. In return we’re seeing a reduction in sick days and a happier and more engaged workforce.”