Heritage mill gets huge grant

Spinners Mill
Spinners Mill
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A project to completely transform a landmark industrial building has taken another massive step forward with a major funding announcement.

Historic England has revealed it will give £252,000 to the team refurbishing and repairing the grade-II listed Leigh Spinners Mill as it battles to preserve the region’s industrial heritage.

The Leigh Building Preservation Trust (LBPT), which is overseeing the work and the building’s eventual transformation into a community, business and leisure asset, will reveal exactly what the funding boost means to the public at an event next week.

Historic England said its generosity will enable vital work on the roof of the Spinners Mill to be done.

LBPT says it also has two other announcements to drive the redevelopment project forward to unveil at Bedford High School.

LBPT chair Peter Rowlinson said: “This public meeting will be to announce our biggest step forward for the Leigh Spinners project and we are delighted that we will be able to confirm that a major objective has now been achieved so soon after the opening of our new heritage centre in our scutching room.”

People attending the public meeting will also be able to buy tickets for the first open event showcasing the running of the mill’s engine, which volunteers recently managed to get going ahead after some 30 years.

In addition the Trust wants history enthusiasts to volunteer for a number of new roles which have opened up and a DVD about industrial experiences filmed in the mill will hopefully be on sale.

Built in two phases between 1913 and 1925, the mill is one of the largest remaining in Greater Manchester and also houses the biggest steam engine of its type in the world.

Historic England has commissioned a report which says almost half of Greater Manchester’s mills have been demolished since the 1980s.

The research also found overwhelming public support for keeping them, with the majority of those questioned saying they did not want to see mills bulldozed. Historic England hopes to highlight successful regeneration schemes to show how they can be used.

The public meeting is at Bedford High School on Monday November 27, starting at 7pm.