Advice for residents to sort out frozen pipes

A frozen pipe
A frozen pipe
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Residents across the borough have been given advice on what to do if frozen pipes stop their water supply during the cold snap.

Reports were received from the Poolstock area that households had no water coming from the taps on Wednesday morning.

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No incidents for the borough were listed on United Utilities' website but the organisation warned that pipes were in danger of freezing as temperatures plunged.

Residents were given some simple advice to solve the problem if water flow slows to a trickle or goes off altogether.

Pipes which are solid but have not been split or damaged can be thawed out using a hot water bottle or hairdryer, starting from the end nearest the tap.

Residents were warned never to use a naked flame for this.

Tenants have also been advised they may need to contact their landlords for help with frozen pipes.

More information is available online at