End of an era as church closes

A Lowton church has closed because of falling attendances.

The decision to shut Lane Head Methodist Church was made in Autumn last year and the last service was held in May.

The church has been based in Lowton since 1842 but the congregation have worshipped in the current building, which is used by a number of community groups, on Newton Road for the last 25 years.

Gill Dickinson, who is secretary of the church and has worshipped there for 32 years, said: "We have known for several years that with an ageing, decreasing congregation and a drift away from traditional church, that unless we had an influx of new people, the church as a place of worship would be untenable.

"We have been jointly worshipping at Heath Street Methodist Church in Golborne for the past two years."

The first Primitive Methodist Church which was the church's original name, stood on Winwick Lane and was built in 1842, by 1880, the congregation had outgrown this small chapel and a new church was built on the corner of Winwick Lane which cost 900 to build.

This church was demolished in 1985 when the worshippers moved to Newton Road.

Gill added: "In some ways this is all very sad because it's the end of an era but it is certainly not an end to Methodism in Lowton. Heath Street, will be known as Heath Street Methodist Church in Golborne and Lowton."

Lane Head South Residents Group will meet at The Conference Room at St Catherine's Church from June 17 still on the third Thursday of the month at 8.15pm.