Emotional plea after mementoes stolen

Mark Shaw, from Lowton, who had mementoes of his daughter Isis stolen in a burglary
Mark Shaw, from Lowton, who had mementoes of his daughter Isis stolen in a burglary
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A WIGAN father has made an emotional appeal to thieves who stole personal mementoes of his late daughter.

A wallet containing a cherished picture drawn by 12-year-old Isis shortly before her death was stolen when Mark Shaw’s house was burgled.

Among the stolen items was also a nappy pin used by Isis, who died nine years ago from cystic fibrosis.

Appealing for their return, Mark, of Hallworthy Close in Leigh, said: “They obviously mean a lot to me but would be worthless to anyone else.

“I searched the street to see if they had dumped the wallet and my sister Lynne texted one of our stolen phones explaining what these items mean. I would like them back.”

Recounting his discovery of the crime, Mark, 52, said he was woken by his cat just before 6:30am.

He explained: “They must have got in through the conservatory doors in the early hours. Our cat, Max, woke me and my wife, Dawn, and there’s no other way for the cat to get through into the house. The burglar must have let him in.

“I went downstairs and noticed straightaway that a load of cash had been taken from a cookie jar in the kitchen.

“We don’t keep money in the house but I had recently sold a kayak to a friend and it was all gone.”

The burglars made off with £250 in cash, a laptop computer and several mobile phones.

Items in Mark’s wallet included the drawing, a tiny Buddha statue that belonged to Isis, and a 1919 English penny that belonged to his granddad.

Mark said: “The picture is of some animals Isis drew not long before she passed away. It’s only on a small piece of paper. I like to keep them close to me, like a talisman.”

DC Zoe Sajewicz from Greater Manchester Police, said: “This is a truly heart breaking crime that has left the family deeply upset.

“These items are of great sentimental value and Mark is desperate for their safe return. They are irreplaceable and a constant reminder of his daughter who would have turned 21 this year.

“It is likely the offenders did not realise what was in the wallet and just took it. I am appealing directly to them to search their conscious and do the right thing.

“Anyone who may have seen the possessions similar to the ones described or a discarded Fat Face wallet, I urge you to contact police on 0161 856 7249 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”