Young actors roar like lions

Pupils at St George's Primary School, in Atherton, perform Lion King
Pupils at St George's Primary School, in Atherton, perform Lion King
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PUPILS at a Wigan primary experienced the ‘circle of life’ first hand during rehearsals for their performance of the Lion King.

Because, unbeknownst to the youngsters, their teacher Anya Goodman previously taught Ririka Matsuo, who currently stars in the West End production of the hit musical.

And Ririka was more than happy to pass on some tips to the young up and coming starlets at St George CE in Atherton via a video messages from the entire cast.

Appearing in the video were all the main characters, such as, Simba, Mufasa, Nahla and Timon, who wished the children well in their performance and advised them to aim high and chase their dreams.

It also included pictures from the animated version of the Disney classic.

Mufasa told pupils: “I wish you and your fellow colleagues great success. My advice is to give everything you have got and break a leg.”

Timon, Pumbaa and Simba said: “For all the Atherton St George’s School pupils, we wish you all the best for the show: hakuna matata.”

Jill Hilton, office manager at the school said: “The children were thrilled when they received a personal video message from the cast of the Lion King in London, wishing them well. Miss Goodman taught Ririka Matsuo at Elmhurst School for Dance, in Birmingham, so she thought it would be nice to send a message.”

Kayleigh Lord, year 3/4 teacher, who helped to organise the show alongside Barry Blears and Anna Carroll, said: “The children at our school are truly sensational talents. I am so proud of them and honoured to have been part of the production.

“They have all been shining stars.”