Drug smuggler in ‘idiotic’ trainer plot

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A MAN caught smuggling nearly 180 anabolic steroids into jail in the soles of trainers has been put behind bars for 16 months.

Shaun Hall was described as an “idiot” for agreeing to carry out the crime.

He was spotted by a member of staff in June this year as he swapped his left shoe while visiting an inmate.

Once confiscated from the prisoner, his Nike air trainers were checked and one hundred and seventy nine steroid tablets were found hidden in the footwear.

Appearing at Preston Crown Court, the 22-year-old of York Street in Leigh had pleaded guilty to an offence of possessing anabolic steroids with intent to supply.

John Woodward, prosecuting said the defendant was wearing Nike Air type trainers when he visited the Category C Haverigg Prison in Cumbria that day.

Some padding had been removed from the sole of the trainers and filled the void with the tablets.

Hall sat opposite an inmate at visiting time, then started to remove his left shoe and swap it with the prisoner.

He went on to be detained and the steroid tablets were found in the soles of the trainers.