Donor robber spared jail

Asda Supermarket on Ladies Lane, Hindley
Asda Supermarket on Ladies Lane, Hindley
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A TEEN mugger has avoided a prison sentence for an attack in Wigan – because he saved his young cousin’s life with an organ donation.

The 12-year-old girl was seriously ill with liver problems and doctors found that Kyle Turton was a suitable match to donate part of his liver to help save her.

Sentence on the 18-year-old was adjourned in June when a judge was told about the proposed medical procedure and a court heard that the operation has now taken place.

It did not all go smoothly for Turton who suffered a collapsed lung afterwards, spent six weeks in hospital and is still having to take medication.

Judge David Fletcher told him that the appropriate sentence for the offences he admitted was two years but because of his “considerable personal mitigation” he would reduce it which in turn meant he could suspend the term.

He imposed 12-month detention suspended for two years and placed him under supervision for 12 months with attendance on a probation course.

He told him: “You are not going to prison but you will have a miserable Christmas because of the curfew I am going to impose.”

Judge Fletcher said: “The purpose is to clip your wings with a sort of house arrest.”

He imposed an electronically-monitored curfew for the next six months between 7pm to 7am.

“When you cannot go out with your mates for a beer or go to a family function think how lucky you are not to have received a sentence and be sitting in a cell. You are an extremely fortunate young man.”

Turton, of Cameron Street, Leigh, had pleaded guilty to robbing a 13-year-old schoolboy of his mobile phone, assaulting a 15-year-old boy and stealing £11 worth of alcohol from a shop.

The judge said that it was an “awful” incident and Turton was a “very big man.

“You threatened them using extremely bad language.

“It was horrible behaviour and very frightening for those young people.”

Liverpool Crown Court heard how he and a 22-year-old companion, who was jailed for two years at the earlier hearing, drunkenly “terrorised” a group of schoolchildren in the Asda car park in Hindley, a bid to obtain money for more alcohol.

Turton threatened the 13-year-old, who was with four friends and thrust his hand into his pockets and stole his mobile phone while his companion punched a 15-year-old.

He also punched another 15-year-old and Turton kicked the lad, said Harry Pepper, prosecuting.

The two attackers then fled leaving behind the frightened youngsters, who included two girls, and stole two bottles of wine from a store.

When later arrested, Turton was aggressive and abusive.

Steven Swift, defending, said that Turton is still signed off sick.

He added: “He continues to recover but is still debilitated.

“Not many young men have experienced such trauma.

“He never sought to rely on it in his favour but clearly events of the past few months speak well of him.”

The court heard that Turton has one previous conviction for possessing cannabis.