Don’t slag off our rude name!

Slag Lane, Lowton
Slag Lane, Lowton

RESIDENTS of a rude-sounding street have defended its historical name.

This comes after a study by claimed that houses on innuendo-laden named roads such as Crotch Crescent or Bell End are more likely to be sold for a fifth less on average than other homes situated nearby,

But neighbours on Slag Lane, Lowton, have hit back at the suggestion there is anything wrong with the name.

Pensioner, Herbert Speakman, has been living on the lane for more than 15 years since retiring.

And he believes that it is just as good a street – if not better – than anywhere else.

The 82-year-old said: “I disagree with people who are embarrassed or ashamed just because their street isn’t called after the usual run-of-the-mill standard name.

“Some people around here like to pronounce it differently and emphasise the a in the middle of Slag as to pretend it is called something differently. But it isn’t, it’s called slag at the end of the day and who cares?

“I don’t mind what they call it or what people call me for living here, I’m easy-going.

“We never have any problems with vandalism here and I love it because it has everything you ever need within walking distance including the doctor, an optician and shops. What more could you ask for? It’s very handy.

“When I come to sell it I don’t think I will have any problems than if I lived in a street called Cherish Lane or something like that.”

But Bill Nevett, 76, who has lived there for more than 28 years, disagrees.

He said: “I do think it affects some house prices because just through observation I’ve noticed that the houses on the estate near us sells a lot quicker than ones on this street. It can take somebody a long time to sell their house on Slag Lane.

“When we first moved into our property, I know that there were residents living here at the time who were trying to petition for the name to be changed.

“They were unsuccessful though as it was argued that the name is historic. Nobody that I know of has tried to change it since.

“And I have to admit, the name did put me off a bit when I was looking to move but now I’m not bothered at all, I love living here.

“I have lived in peculiar named streets when I was younger such as Nel Pan Lane so I’m used to getting a bit of stick for where I live.

“But I do suppose it would be worse for the younger ones who live around here as I bet they get called all sorts at school for living on Slag Lane.”

Michaela Southern is moving house shortly with her husband, Paul.

But the couple love living on the street so much that they refuse to sell the house and are keeping it as a second home to rent.

The 41-year-old said: “The name wouldn’t affect my choice of living here whatsoever, I think it’s a great taking point if I’m honest, I love waiting for people to ask me where I live.

“My husband and I are moving not so far away in a farm house which we renovated but even if we hadn’t had done that I would be really happy living here for the foreseeable future.

“We have fantastic neighbours and it’s such a lovely area and so accessible to everything.”

David Randall, 67, admitted that after 33 years of living on Slag Lane he has become quite fond of the name.

He said: “I think it’s very unusual and different, especially when people ask you to spell it out for them, the look on their faces is a picture.

“It just adds a bit of character to your neighbourhood.

“I used to know an elderly gentleman who lived on the street, though, and he refused to believe that the street name had anything to do with the historical pit at the end of the road!”