Don’t let thieves spring nasty surprise at home

Leigh residents have been put on seasonal alert – against thieves bidding for a spring clean-out of homes.

The start of spring and the clocks having gone forward at the weekend mark not only the start of better weather but also a potential increase in burglars targeting insecure homes through open doors and windows, warn police.

Officers say that though burglary is still on the decrease, people can help bring it down further by ensuring they lock all doors and windows even when they are at home. Including security improvements on their home and garden to-do list this spring will also help to keep burglars at bay, they say.

Police are keen to continue to drive down break-ins and advise that by making a few improvements to home, garage, shed and garden security can greatly reduce the chances of losing valuables to heartless thieves:

l Deterrents to burglars include alarms, locks, lights and vigilant communities that watch out for each other.

l Residents are advised to fit a quality household alarm that protects all external doors and downstairs rooms, and to be sure to set it when leaving the home empty or retiring for the night.

l Mortice locks on external doors and window locks help to keep burglars out but only if doors and windows are kept shut and locked even when you are in. Police say that around one in three burglaries are down to thieves entering through insecure doors and windows and just walking out with valuables.

l External security lighting will also help keep burglars at bay, as will planting prickly borders on the edge of your property, making it difficult for intruders to climb over walls and fences.