Don’t let secrecy put you off Freemasons

Eddie Friar and Dave Ingham
Eddie Friar and Dave Ingham
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THE so-called secrecy of Freemasonry has been resolved for two local men.

Dave Ingham, a fork lift truck driver and CB radio fan since the age of 12, has become a Freemason.

Dave, 44, said: “Like many people I always thought Freemasonry was only for businessmen: that it was a closed society for people who wanted to promote their business or career; not for people like me.

“I was always shy and quiet at school.

“Nevertheless something was telling me to find out more.

“I saw a bell on the door of the Masonic Hall in Leigh, pressed it and immediately wondered if I had done the right thing.

“Many people had told me it was a secret society and that I wouldn’t be welcome.”

But Dave was welcomed and although he said: “I have discovered that there are a few secrets in Freemasonry (which, in this modern electronic age can probably be discovered in seconds).

“But they are not what you think, nor why you think.

“In fact it is very logical and sensible when you have it explained.”

He also says: “I’ve now been a Mason for several months and I’ve discovered that, far from being ‘stand-offish’, I feel I’ve developed as a person.

“Masonry has ‘brought me out’; given me more confidence and I’ve made many new and genuine friends.”

Freemasonry is a very traditional organisation based on the ancient craft of stone-masonry going back many centuries.

It has varying levels of passwords according to experience and development; nothing more sinister than that.

Eddie Friar, 69, said: “There is no need to be put off by pre-conceptions.

“I love it and go nearly every week. I have been welcomed into Freemasonry by complete strangers who have now become good friends.

“If you want to make new friends, develop your social life and help others in the process, why not take the opportunity of the first ever open day at Leigh Masonic Hall on Saturday to meet people like me. You might just like it…”

Come on down to Leigh Masonic Hall on Saturday (September 22) between 10am and 4pm.