Daniel set for return

Daniel Torr with daughter Alisha
Daniel Torr with daughter Alisha
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A FORMER student at Fred Longworth High School is coming to the end of a tour of duty in Afghanistan and his family are planning a hero’s welcome.

Twenty-two-year-old Daniel Torr joined the Army at the age of 19 in September 2009, after being made redundant because he wanted to do something with his life.

His completed 16 weeks basic training in Purbright, before moving to Leconfield to do Driver Training.

There he achieved all categories of driving licence and when not on tour of duty is stationed in Gultersloh in Germany with the Royal Logistics Corp.

Daniel daddy of Alisha who is now four and he misses her very much while he is away.

When in the UK he lives with mum Ann and brothers, Kieran, 26 and Shaun, 20.

He is expected home from Afghanistan in early April at the end of his six months tour of duty.