Dad’s threat to cut off his head

Crime story
Crime story
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A MAN with mental health issues threatened to cut off his head in front of his terrified family.

Michael Edwards’ bizarre threats were revealed when he appeared at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court charged with assaulting his wife, Paula Ledson.

The court heard he took a knife to the back of his head three times during the frenzied evening on October 24.

Prosecuting, Jane Sharpe said that at around 4.30pm at the previous family home in Lowton, Edwards began accusing his wife of cheating, a matter which she denied.

The defendant began swearing and was heard sharpening a knife in the kitchen and at this point Mrs Ledson told her two boys aged nine and six to go upstairs.

It was then Edwards returned brandishing a knife and a knife sharpener and began threatening to chop off his head. The victim attempted to call the police before Edwards began pointing the knife towards his wife and grabbed the phone out of her hand.

Edwards then dropped the knife and Mrs Ledson took the chance to get the children, who were described as extremely distressed and crying, out of the house and into a neighbour’s house where she called the police.

As she waited for emergency services to arrive, the blood-splattered defendant began to bang on the neighbour’s window.

Mrs Sharpe told the court that the children thought their dad would kill their mum.

In a statement from Mrs Ledson, read out by the prosecution, she said: “I thought without a doubt that if we hadn’t got out Michael would have killed either me or himself.

“I’m totally devastated. I’m so scared of him and that fear will never leave me.”

Defending, Gina Clayton described that since the incident both Edwards and his wife have rekindled their relationship and want to make it work as a family as he seeks help for his mental illness.

She said: “The reality of the situation is that Mr Edwards has mental health issues and feels he has been let down by the authorities.”

Mrs Clayton added: “He accepts the incident and is severely sorry for that. He is just a desperate man desperately trying to get some assistance.

“He has since said that he just felt he wanted to cut his own head off and had no intention to harm his children or his partner.”

The court was told that the 48-year-old, of Edgerton Street, Eccles, is now receiving help for his mental health issues. He was given a community order with a 12 month supervision order and ordered to pay a £37 fine, £85 costs and £60 victim surcharge.