Dad’s campaign for son ‘tosh’

Antony Rowley
Antony Rowley
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A FATHER is launching a fund-raising campaign in memory of his son who tragically died of a heart attack.

Doug Rowley, 69, will raise money for the British Heart Foundation after Antony Jon Rowley, 44, known to friends as Tosh, was found dead at his home in May.

Doug has already staged a memorial golf day and now wants to get together a fund-raising committee to organise future events.

The new organisation will be based at The Bowling Green pub in Leigh, where Tosh was a regular and an active part of the pub’s social life.

Doug said; “We’ve had an informal meeting but we need to get together and sort out a formal committee, which should be a bit easier to arrange now we’ve got proper autumn weather.

“People don’t want to stay outside at home and barbecue now, they’re happier to come and sit inside and make some plans, so I want to get that done within the next month.

“We’ve got plans for a football match, which is being arranged with the members of the Bowling Green and the golf society. We want to put that on somewhere people can gather, and we can deck the venue out in British Heart Foundation banners and posters.

“We’re hoping to get that on within eight weeks or so.”

Doug has also started to put together a long-term framework for fund-raising events, concentrating on football and golf during the autumn and winter, and cricket and tennis in the spring and summer.

All the events being planned reflect Tosh’s interests in a wide range of sports, which included managing the Bowling Green’s pub football team and running a Formula 1 competition for the regulars.

Planning the fund-raising has also helped Doug and his family to cope with the shock of losing Tosh.

The family has also recently had some unexpected good news.

Doug said: “My daughter recently met up again with an old friend who she’d gone out with as a teenager about 30 years ago. He was living in Canada and saw on Facebook that Tosh had passed away, and he realised she was his old flame from school days.

“He came back to the UK shortly after as his mother died only a couple of weeks after we lost Tosh, and they met up again and now they’re going out. It’s been brilliant because it’s turned a sad time for both of them into a very happy one.”