D-Day - Time to cast your EU vote

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At times it certainly has felt like campaigning that will never end; the never-endum as some political commentators have dubbed it.

But EU membership D-day is finally upon us and by tomorrow Britain will have spoken; we will have either renewed our relationship with the continent’s democratic giant or triggered the process of going our separate way.

This week, in the final days of electioneering, pollsters have suggested the decision is too close to call and our own local polls have backed up this assertion.

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One thing that all of us can agree on, even with the ill-feeling festering between the two sides, is that anyone on the fence about whether to vote or not should make their best efforts to reach a polling booth today.

The referendum has been called the most important vote of a generation and, for once, this moniker is not hyperbole used by the media and campaigners for effect.

With the vote predicted to be so close, it is self-evident that your vote could have a real impact on the final decision both in the borough and wider to Greater Manchester and Britain as a whole.

Many residents may feel disenchanted with politicians and politics in general - Wigan and Makerfield’s turnouts for the last couple of general elections have hovered on or below the 60 per cent mark - but it is predicted that the issues around EU membership may be seen as more tangible to those who are usually not inclined to register a vote.

Click here to follow our LIVE stream from a local perspective and around the country on EU D-Day

We are talking about a decision that will have a major impact on job security, immigration policy and the economy - among a whole host of other factors - for us, our children and grandchildren. It is safe to say our collective decision today will reverberate for generations to come.

Why would you not want to be part of something that is going to have such a direct impact on where you live, the job prospects you have and the public services you receive?

This is not a vote for candidates, parties or to form a government. Your vote will be totted up with everyone else’s to make a final figure. Don’t let the opportunity pass, you might regret it if you do.