Cyclist reveals road dangers

Cyclist Jason Mayo who uses a video camera on his cycle rides to record incidents with other road users.
Cyclist Jason Mayo who uses a video camera on his cycle rides to record incidents with other road users.
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Inconsiderate and rude drivers who abuse Leigh’s cyclists are being posted on the internet for all to see.

Sick and tired of being on the receiving end of poor driving and abuse during daily commutes, an Atherton businessman fitted a camera to his helmet to record such episodes.

Since beginning filming around 18 months ago, Jason Mayo has uploaded 138 videos featuring:

• near-misses with cars overtaking too close

• vehicles parking in cycle lanes

• drivers being aggressive towards him and other misdemeanours

which have generated well over 10,000 views.

And now as well as posting the film on Youtube the graphic designer is planning on sending them to the police and companies.

Keen cyclist Jason, who racks up around 75 miles per week in the saddle, says he believes the videos clearly show the need for greater public awareness about sharing the roads with two-wheeled traffic.

Jason, 25, said: “I’d previously done mountain biking and trials riding, but I got into road cycling for exercise and commuting. I live and work in Atherton, but for exercise I like to go on a big loop through Atherton, Tyldesley and Leigh.

“Generally I go out riding for about two hours at a time, and I can pretty much guarantee I will get a couple of videos out of that every time.

“Quite frequently I get people coming too close or cars stopping in cycle lanes and advanced stopping lines, the bits of lane in front of traffic lights so cyclists can get away safely.

“The worst incident was when a car passed me within one inch going through Leigh, and the driver said he was going to run me off the road.”

Jason says he has received support from fellow cyclists, and hopes the footage will help to improve facilities for cyclists around Leigh and Atherton.

He also hopes to put together an awareness campaign through Shape Design, the company he runs.

He said: “The worst area is coming through the back roads of Leigh, up where the roundabouts are past Bedford High School.

“Generally where there are cycle lanes I have more problems. People expect me to be in the cycle lanes and pass too close, then if the lane has debris in it or is too narrow people pip their horns at me.

“Cyclists in London have campaigned for wider cycle lanes or more space for cyclists, so hopefully I can do something similar here.

“Initially I just wanted to show drivers examples of bad road behaviour, but in the future I’m hoping to send the videos to the right people to get something done.”

To view Jason’s videos, go to