Woman fined after drunken row

A WOMAN who smashed two of her partners windows in a drunken rage has been fined.

Christine Flemming pleaded guilty to causing damage to the value of £200 after smashing two windows in two days following arguments with her long term partner.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard how the 47-year-old woman and Thomas Nuttall had been together for 11 years, but in recent months they had started arguing a lot and Flemming feared their relationship was coming to an end.

On June 19 the pair had been drinking together in a local pub and had each drunk about five pints of cider, Flemming, of Cotton Street, Leigh, then left the pub to go back to her house but later went to Mr Nuttall’s home.

But when she arrived she found her partner drunk and they started arguing.

Prosecuting, Jayne Kearsley, said: “Mr Nuttall did not want to get into an argument with his partner so he asked her to leave, which she did.

“But once outside he could see the defendant holding a big stone which she then threw at a window braking one of the panes of double glazing, before turning around and leaving.”

The next day the pair bumped into each other when they were both getting off buses in Leigh town centre and so they went to a nearby pub to try and sort things out.

Ged Frazer, defending, said: “Miss Flemming admits that she did have a drinking problem but she mainly only drinks at the weekend.”

Fleming was given an 18-month conditional discharge by magistrates, was ordered to pay £200 in compensation to Mr Nuttall and £85 in costs to the prosecution.