We’re fed up with ‘drug den’ house

Bow Road, Leigh
Bow Road, Leigh
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A house in the borough has become a magnet for drug use and anti-social behaviour, frustrated residents have claimed.

A neighbour said the lives of those living near one particular Wigan and Leigh Homes property on Bow Road in Leigh were being made a misery because of the illegal activity going on there.

There can be people visiting to buy drugs numerous times an hour. It doesn’t stop and it goes on all through the night.

A resident

People can be seen going in and out of the property in Butts Bridge with illegal substances and are then wandering around the area while clearly under the influence, it has been claimed.

One drug user defecated in a children’s play area, the resident alleged, and neighbours have had to put up with people shouting and swearing in the street while visiting the house.

However, despite claims that people in the area have submitted numerous complaints to the authorities, Wigan and Leigh Homes (WALH) said the last report of drug use on Bow Road was in late 2015.

The housing provider did say it would get in touch with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to see if any more recent incidents had been reported.

The resident said: “There can be people visiting to buy drugs numerous times an hour. It doesn’t stop and it goes on all through the night.

“The people who come to get these substances then attack dog walkers on the street and their language is terrible. They hang out of the front door and swear at people.

“Recently one guy went into the children’s play area and defecated in the bushes before injecting some smack or whatever it was. He then sat on the benches absolutely out of his face.

“It’s having a knock-on effect everywhere and most of the residents are sick of it. They just want a quiet life.

“The tenancy policy also states very clearly that any use of drugs within a property will result in eviction, let alone dealing them. It’s driving everyone mad.”

Wigan and Leigh Homes said it had responded to allegations of drug use at a property on Bow Road last year, but it had not received any complaints since then.

The authority said it would get in touch with GMP but the force said it was unable to find any record of residents ringing recently to complain about drug-related problems in the area.