Thief's plea for mercy falls on deaf ears

Wigan and Leigh magistrates court
Wigan and Leigh magistrates court

A serial shoplifter begged magistrates for mercy as she was jailed for a spree of thefts.

Samantha Quin, 31, has been sent to prison for four months for stealing, or attempting to steal, from a series in shops in Atherton.

The mother-of-one, who was living on Ashfield Avenue in Atherton before her arrest, was caught on CCTV in McColls, Quality Save, and Boots.

Quin appeared at Wigan Magistrates Court facing four charges relating to theft or attempted theft just months after being sentenced for shoplifting and battery, for which she served a community order and was on curfew.

The court heard how Quin had put bottle of shampoo and washing powder down her jacket in offences which occurred in April and May, while she was still on a supervision order for the previous offences in February.

Prosecutor, Steve Woodman, told magistrates of Quin’s lengthy criminal record comprising mainly of theft charges.

He outlined how in May, Quin stole £45 of goods from McColls and £50 of MaxFactor makeup. In April she also stole £38 of domestic products from Quality Save and was caught trying to steal goods from McColls.

Defence solicitor, Gina Clayton, said: “It’s partly down to a heroin addiction which has taken a grip for quite a number of years. She’s tried her best to come off heroin but hasn’t been able to until two and a half weeks ago.

“The reality is that’s two and a half weeks without a drug, more than she’s ever done before. In September she lost her long term partner, they were together for eight and a half years. It was a drug related death, She’s struggling with that, she was with him and now she’s alone.”

When asked why she had not complied with the supervision order handed to her in February, Quin told magistrates that the probation worker was “nasty” and “made her cry”.

As magistrates sentenced her to a four-month jail term, she wept, saying “do you have to do this”? Her 10-year-old child is already looked after by Quin’s mum who will continue as care-giver.