Man escapes jail after attack on ex’s partner

A MAN attacked his ex-girlfriend’s new partner causing injuries including a broken finger, a court has heard.

Daniel Morris had been in a six-year relationship with Wendy Roberts and they had two children together.

But after they broke up she started seeing Robert Chivers and he was concerned about his children regarding Mr Chivers as the father figure.

On the evening of April 9 he saw Mr Chivers outside a store in Derby Street, Atherton, and approached him. He then punched him, kneed him in the face and kicked him to the head about five times, said Harry Pepper, prosecuting.

Mr Chivers curled into a foetal position and had his hands up to try to protect his face and head, he added.

Mr Chivers, who had been with Ms Roberts for about four months, was later found to have red marks on his head and his right ring finger was broken and a blood blister had to be burst.

He later said he feared for his safety and feared that the unprovoked attack would not be the end of matters. Mr Pepper said that there has been no trouble since.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Morris, who has previous convictions including common assault, had been in a violent and abusive relationship with Ms Roberts, 32, and the police domestic violence unit had been notified on 20 occasions.

Morris, 24, of Elliott Street, Tyldesley, pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

Miss Sarah Phelan, defending, said that Morris has already been punished as he has not been able to see his two children and Ms Roberts’ older child, who regarded him as father, since the incident.

She added: “He feels bad and has expressed victim empathy. He has been extremely candid and shown significant remorse.

“He bitterly regrets his behaviour and the impact it may have on his children in the future.”

Judge Stephen Clarke said that the lost of contact with his children has significantly affected Morris and he has had to seek medical help for depression.

It was a nasty incident but there has been no repetition of his behaviour, he added.

He sentenced him to nine months imprisonment suspended for two years and imposed 15 months supervision with attendance on an integrated domestic violence programme.