Lyndsey Vaux murder trial: Killer must serve at least 18 years and 358 days in prison

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Becky Reid has been sentenced to life in prison for the "merciless" murder of Lyndsey Vaux.

Judge Richard Mansell QC handed down a sentence of life with a minimum of 18 years and 358 days.

Police release audion of harrowing 999 call

How the case against Lyndsey Vaux's killer unfolded

In front of a full court, Mansell explained how Reid refused to leave her cell for the sentencing.

Family and friends of Lyndsey Vaux heard a summary of the horrific beatings carried out by Reid in the weeks leading up to her murder.

Killer Becky Reid

Killer Becky Reid

Becky Reid's mother, Gillian, received a suspended sentence for 12 months for actual bodily harm against her daughter's former partner Samantha Newns, who read a statement out following the sentencing (above).

Due to her age and the time which has elapsed since the assault in 2008 she was allowed to walk free from court.

At the end of the sentencing Judge Mansell QC asked to speak to Lyndsey's now 12-year-old daughter Aaliyah.

Addressing the youngster about her mum's decision to move to Wigan without her, he said: "She was so under the control of Becky Reid at that time that her ability to make rational decisions had completely gone.

Lyndsey Vaux

Lyndsey Vaux

"I'm sure she still loved you and didn't make that decision consciously. Your mother didn't abandon you she was taken away from you by the actions of another person."

Senior Investigating Officer Bob Tonge of GMP’s Major Incident Support Unit said: “Lyndsey Vaux was subjected to years of horrific domestic abuse at the hands of her girlfriend, and no decision made here today can bring her back.

“Some neighbours knew about this abuse and did nothing. Had they given us the information that they gave us after Lyndsey’s murder then we could have saved her life, and this should act as a stark reminder that we all have a responsibility to stand up to this kind of crime.

“We’re working extremely hard to tackle domestic abuse in the LGBT community, having introduced a specific recording method to track it and taking our front line officers through training on how best to support victims, but we do need the public’s help to continue to tackle domestic abuse in all of our communities.

“My thoughts are with Lyndsey’s family at this difficult time, and I hope this sentence goes some way to finding them justice.

"We take all reports of domestic abuse extremely seriously. Victims in the LGBT community, and those worried about member of the LGBT community, can call Galop on 0800 999 5428.

"Female victims, and those worried about women, can call the Greater Manchester Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0161 636 7525. Male victims, and those worried about men, can call The Mens Adviceline on 0808 801 0327 or can visit

"Greater Manchester’s multi-agency response to same sex DA, has also invested in a specialist LGBT Independent Domestic Violence Advisor, who works from Independent choices.

"There is lots of information for victims, offenders, loved ones and practitioners on the end the fear website at"