Jail tobacco smuggler hit with a fine

HMP Hindley
HMP Hindley

A man who smuggled contraband into Wigan’s jail for his inmate brother has been fined by borough magistrates.

Carl Dean, 41, was visiting his sibling at HMP Hindley when he decided to pass him two packets of tobacco, which he had secreted in his jacket pocket.

During a hearing this week, the court heard how Dean - from Rainhill - had quietly removed the tobacco from his coat and placed it on the seat behind his younger brother.

A prison guard watched as the prisoner placed the tobacco in the front of his trousers.

Katie Beattie, prosecuting, said: “He could see him messing around with his pants.

“He didn’t want to detain him in front of his family.

“He was taken to a search room and strip-searched.

“When he took off his underwear the tobacco fell to the floor.”

After the search, the inmate was allowed to go back and say “goodbye” to the brother and the rest of his family before they left.

But Dean was subsequently arrested and taken to the police station for questioning.

Ms Beattie added: “He said that he had taken the tobacco with him, that his brother hadn’t asked for it but that he thought it might be a treat with Christmas coming up.

“He said he was ‘very sorry’ for what he had done.”

Nick Woosey, defending, asked for the bench to spare any community sentences and just deal with his client in way of a “financial penalty”.

“He is married with three children and his own address,” he said.

“He works from 8am until 6pm.”

Dean was slapped with a £200 fine and was ordered to pay £85 in costs and £30 as a victim surcharge.