Fresh arson attack on wheelie bins in park

Westleigh Park, the scene of another arson attack
Westleigh Park, the scene of another arson attack
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Youths have torched four wheelie bins in the latest arson attack on a borough estate.

Firefighters were called out after the bins were set alight on Westleigh Park, off Isherwood Street, Leigh, at around 9.30pm last night.

The blaze was brought under control by crews from Leigh station.

But the incident is the latest in a string of deliberate fires, often involving wheelie bins, in the Westleigh area.

Watch manager Kane Partington said: "This is an ongoing problem which we are tackling with the police and the local authority."

Last week firefighters reported that they dealt with a similar incident on the park - and were met with a tirade of abuse from youths.

Last month a fire engine was pelted with stones after a crew extinguished a mattress which was on fire behind house in Holly Grove.

And five wheelie bins, which had been pushed together near properties in Cedar Grove, were set alight the following day.