Firefighters' warning after spate of wheelie bin arson attacks

Westbourne Avenue, Leigh
Westbourne Avenue, Leigh
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Firefighters have issued an alert after up to nine wheelie bins were set alight on a housing estate.

Crews from Leigh fire station were first alerted to a bin which had been set on fire in the Westbourne Avenue area at around 4am today.

But it soon emerged that eight or nine bins had been targeted in the same area, with others showing signs of fire damage in Heather Grove and surrounding streets.

Watch manager Mark Murphy said: "It looked like someone had set one bin on fire and then gone around the area doing the same to other wheelie bins which had been set alight.

"These were mostly bins which had been left at the side of the road or next to brick walls.

"But all it takes is for a wheelie bin to be left up against a car, or a property, and you could be talking about people's homes and livelihoods being affected."

Fire chiefs have informed Greater Manchester Police and Wigan Council about the locations of the blazes. Next month the borough moves to alternate three-weekly collections for household waste and recyclables.