Extra cash to combat violent crime in Greater Manchester is hailed

Police on patrol
Police on patrol

The Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester has welcomed a funding boost to tackling serious violent crime, announced by the Government.

Violence reduction units across the country will receive an extra £35m for 2020/21 – around £3.3m for this city region.

Bev Hughes said: “The work of the Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit is crucial to tackling serious violent crime, which causes harm and blights the lives of victims, families and communities. So we really welcome the additional funding that will allow the unit to continue its vital work.

Agencies and professionals are working together to address the underlying causes of violent crime and working with communities to prevent it.

“We are engaging with schools to increase awareness of the consequences of getting involved in violent crime, identifying and working with young people at risk, and developing a community-led approach to prevention and early intervention.

And police are carrying out targeted enforcement activity to seize weapons, intercept the illegal purchase of weapons and provide reassurance to communities affected by violent crime.”