Drunk teenager assaulted police officer before committing lewd act in a police van

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A drunk teenager, who was arrested for having a knife in public, then attacked a bobby before committing a lewd act in the back of a police van, Wigan justices heard.

Bradley Ward caused havoc after being arrested for possession of the blade in broad daylight in Astley.

Wigan and Leigh Courthouse, where the hearing took place

Wigan and Leigh Courthouse, where the hearing took place

He initially complied with the police, but then became aggressive after he was forced to the ground during his arrest, and his frustration boiled over into obscene behaviour.

In a hearing at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates’ Court, the 19-year-old, of Somerset Road in Atherton, pleaded guilty to possession of a knife, criminal damage to the police van and assaulting an emergency worker.

The court heard how, on the morning of January 30, a member of the public called the police to report a man carrying a knife on Astley Street in Tyldesley.

Police constables Rimmer and Beattie began a patrol of the area to search for the man, who was later identified as Ward.

They were flagged down by another member of the public who said they had seen him heading down the road.

They found him nearby in Astley Street Park.

Aware that Ward was carrying a weapon, the two officers drew their tasers on him as a precaution, but never discharged them.

On seeing the officers Ward immediately placed his hands on his head, which exposed the handle of a five-inch flick-knife protruding from the waistband of his trousers.

He was ordered to get down on the ground on what was a cold, snowy day, and he quickly lost his temper when his clothes became wet and muddy.

During attempts to handcuff him, Ward kicked out at PC Rimmer and landed a blow on her shin, which left her with heavy bruises.

He continued kicking out and struggling with the constables, and became abusive and started swearing.

The hearing was told that his behaviour became so worrying that the two constables called for back-up, and had to keep him face down on the ground for 12 minutes until more officers arrived.

Ward continued his abuse after being placed in the back of a police van, and then urinated in the vehicle before committing a lewd act.

In police interview Ward later claimed to have no recollection of the events.

He said that he was carrying the knife for his own protection after a threat had been made against him, but he insisted he had no intention of using it.

He will be sentenced at Bolton Crown Court on March 20, after the magistrates’ deemed their own powers insufficient.

Ward was granted unconditional bail by the bench pending the next hearing before a judge.