Driver ‘rammed police car’ at takeaway

James Davies
James Davies

A motorist who “panicked” when a police officer approached him at a takeaway rammed a patrol car before sparking an 80mph chase.

James Davies, 22, was pursued around Atherton by police for more than 20 minutes after fleeing from McDonald’s in Tyldesley, Bolton Crown Court was told.

Defence counsel Katy Appleton said Davies took fright because he was the subject of a suspended sentence.

Davies, of Devonshire Road, Atherton, pleaded guilty to causing £500 damage to the police car, dangerous driving and failing to stop for police.

He was already serving a 35-month prison term for false imprisonment and assault, imposed at the same court in May.

Davies was given a 12-month consecutive sentence for the new charges and disqualified from driving for three years.

Juliet Berry, prosecuting, said the defendant was in a Renault Clio at the takeaway on January 21 when two passing police officers noticed how nervous he appeared to be.

One approached his car, to make enquiries, which caused Davies to start his engine, and the police to move their vehicle into his path to prevent him from driving off, the court heard.

Miss Berry said: “The defendant rammed his vehicle into the police vehicle and drove away at speed.”

The court heard that during an ensuing police pursuit Davies’s car was seen travelling through red lights. He dumped his car at the gates to a cemetery and tried to run off.

But the police had already called in a dog handler and he was apprehended in the graveyard shortly afterwards.

Miss Appleton said: “He panicked when the saw the police approaching his vehicle and that was because he was the subject of a suspended sentence order.”