Bike security reminders

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A SPATE of thefts across the borough have prompted a bike security warning from police

No fewer than 11 cycles have been stolen in recent weeks, all of them being snatched from insecure outbuildings such as sheds.

Issuing security tips Wigan Police crime reduction advisor, Wendy O’Neil said: “Basic security measures are common sense but it is amazing how often they are neglected.”

n Do not leave a bicycle in isolated places:

n Always lockit when you leave it, even if it’s only for a minuteor less;

n Use proper cycle anchors or robust street furniture, such as trees, parking meters, railings for securing your bicycle;

n Lock your bicycle through the frame. Make sure you lock the wheels and other detachable parts;

As for locks and bolts, it is important products have been tested against attack.

Mark your bike in two separate locations giving clear information including a post code followed by a house number. Register your bicycle free on