Armed robber who fled to Spain after raiding two houses jailed for 10 years

Jonathan Ogden
Jonathan Ogden

An armed robber who carried out two brutal robberies on homes in the borough and fled to Spain to evade justice will spend a decade behind bars.

Jonathan Ogden was jailed at Bolton Crown Court for 10 years and eight months after being found guilty of burglary, aggravated vehicle taking and two counts of robbery.

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The 28-year-old, of Grasmere Street in Leigh, went on a crime spree in Tyldesley in the early hours of April 9 this year, driving straight from the scene of one robbery to the next.

In one particularly vicious attack he used a machete to hack through the door of a bedroom two terrified house occupants had hidden in.

Detectives investigating the robberies also managed to link Ogden to two other offences committed in the borough last year.

The most recent incidents started when Ogden, in the company of two other men wearing balaclavas, broke into a property on Commonacre Close and threatened a man and a woman inside with the large blade at around 3am on April 9.

The trio demanded the keys to the Mercedes SLK and Ford Transit van that were outside.

The keys were handed over and Ogden left in the van, while his accomplices took the Mercedes.

He then drove to Northfold Close, where he inadvertently skidded onto a lawn and then began revving the van in an attempt to drive it off the grass.

However, he was unable to move the vehicle.

As a result of the commotion outside, the occupants of the house woke up and one of them came to the door to see what was happening.

Spotting the man watching him, Ogden got out of the van and ran towards the door of the house, demanding to be let in.

After the man and woman who were inside ignored his angry rant, Ogden smashed the front bay window with his machete and climbed in.

Fearing for their safety, the occupants ran upstairs and barricaded themselves in a bedroom. Unfortunately Ogden was able to hack a hole in the bedroom door with the machete and demand the keys to the Nissan Qashqai that was on the drive way.

After being handed the keys, Ogden left the address a short time later.

Detectives from GMP’s Wigan District were able to use forensic evidence to link Ogden to the robberies, along with a burglary at a business on Lord Street in Leigh on December 15 2018 and an aggravated vehicle taking that took place on Chapel Street in the town centre on December 20 2018.

Knowing that he was wanted in connection with the incidents, Ogden continued to attempt to evade police, even fleeing to continental Europe briefly to avoid arrest.

Upon returning to the country in July 2019, he was arrested and charged.

Detective Constable Brian Johnston, of GMP’s Wigan District, said: “Jonathan Ogden is a violent man, whose crime spree has now been brought to an end.

“He left each person he came across during his offences absolutely terrified as he threatened them with harm. One incident - which saw him smash his way into a house before hacking at a bedroom door with a machete in an effort to steal a car - was particularly shocking and clearly highlights his violent nature.

“Thankfully his victims will no longer need to worry that Ogden is still roaming the streets, free to inflict misery on the public.”