Crash driver "swerved across three lanes" of M6

Emergency services at the scene of the crash on the M6 (credit: Steve Ahearne)
Emergency services at the scene of the crash on the M6 (credit: Steve Ahearne)
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AN eyewitness has described the moment a car careered across three lanes of the M6 before crashing into a barrier.

The man, who does not want to be named, said he was driving along in the middle lane of the M6 southbound with his family when the crash happened at around 2.20pm on Sunday.

The air ambulance landing at the crash (credit: Steve Ahearne)

The air ambulance landing at the crash (credit: Steve Ahearne)

A 36-year-old man was taken to hospital after the Ford Focus he was driving crashed through the barrier and ended up on its side on the entry slip road at junction 25.

The eyewitness said: “We were in lane two at a little below 70mph, overtaking something in lane one. It was raining hard and lots of surface water and spray.

“I think the car came past us at more than 70mph in lane three but I am not sure about that.

“Then, I noticed it swerve left across all three lanes just missing the other cars - there were no cars between us and it.

“It carried on across the hard shoulder and onto the slightly sloping grass between the entry slip road and the hard shoulder.

“It hit a metal post, a lamp or sign I am not sure, but I believe it was head on and a little to the left side of the car.

“That's when it flipped and barrel rolled down the embankment a number of times. We saw parts of the car flying off.

“But by this point, we were perpendicular to it and did not see how it came to rest.

“There was no way we could stop safely and to be honest, my family's safety was first on my mind. I lost a friend at school to being helpful to someone in a motorway accident.

“We called the emergency service and continued on our way.”

Fire crews, police and an ambulance attended the incident and the man was cut from the car before being taken to Salford Royal Hospital, where his current condition is unknown.

The fire service said it was unclear what had caused the crash, but that the weather conditions at the time were very bad.

The slip road was closed for around seven hours while Highways England carried out work to repair the barrier and clean up after the crash.

Lane one was also closed for around two hours following the accident and all three lanes were shut for a time while the air ambulance landed.