Couple won £1million on scratchcard bought in Hindley

Andrew Cunliffe and Natalie Cliff are getting married after winning �1m on a scratchcard bought in Hindley
Andrew Cunliffe and Natalie Cliff are getting married after winning �1m on a scratchcard bought in Hindley
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A £1million winning scratchcard was bought in Hindley.

Andrew Cunliffe, 37, and his partner Natalie Cliff, from Blackpool, won the seven-figure sum a scratchcard - which Andrew bought when nipping to Asda in Hindley to buy teabags for his workmates.

The first thing he did was propose to Natalie, 30, his long-term girlfriend.

Andrew said: “This is just a dream come true. This is what dreams are made of. Never did I believe something like this would happen to us – but it has – and now I can give my girlfriend the wedding she always dreamed of.”

And Andrew described the moment he bought the scratchcard.

He said: “This particular scratchcard really caught my eye at the till so I thought I would go for it and buy one.

“I waited until I got back to the building site with the teabags before scratching the card and I just could not believe what I saw – it was a feeling of absolute disbelief.

“I have to admit there were a few expletives as I shouted out ‘OMG I have won £1m!;

“I just couldn’t take my eyes off the scratchcard, I just kept thinking, am I seeing things? Am I imagining this? Things like this don’t happen to me. I immediately went home from work and called Natalie.

“Natalie wondered what was wrong as she knows I wouldn’t normally come home at 11am. I told her it was good news but wouldn’t tell her what the news was until she arrived home.”

And Andrew said as soon as Natalie came home he just shouted out: “We are millionaires.”

He added: “We called Camelot and soon as the lady on the end of the phone confirmed I really was £1m richer, I just got down on one knee and proposed. It is something I have been wanting to do for a long time but I always worried I would not be able to give Natalie the wedding of her dreams. Now I can.”

And National Lottery luck struck three times for Andrew in one week. After scooping his £1m scratchcard prize, he then went on to win £25 on Lotto a day later and in the following week’s Lotto draw, he matched 2 numbers and won a lucky dip ticket.

Andrew added: “They say luck comes in threes – well it certainly has for us. We actually still cannot believe it. We have to keep pinching ourselves, thinking we are going to wake up from a dream and discover none of this has really happened.”

Andrew, a site manager with RP Tyson Construction, said he has no plans to give up work. Instead he will use the money to pay off bills, look after his family and to ensure Natalie has the best wedding ever.

He said: “I have thought about it and I know I could retire but I want to continue to work and ensure I can always provide for my family and we can have a really lovely standard of living.

“This win just provides us with so many options – it gives us choices – choices we could only have ever dreamt of having.”

Andrew and Natalie have not set a date for their wedding and say they are still to decide on where they will get married.

Andrew added: “I think the news really is still just sinking in and I think this will take several weeks. We are not going to rush into anything. We are just going to take our time and ensure we make the right decisions.”

Andrew and Natalie, an Event Planner at Blackpool Tower, met at the tower while Andrew was carrying out work there. The couple also have a two-year-old daughter.